Seven Chakras

I decided to put together my previous seven days work. You can view each piece seperately in a bit larger format under days #22-29 in my 30 days/30 mandalas challenge.


Throat Chakra

Day 27! This mandala is based on a blue iris. I really like it. It is hard to see all the details in this small picture unfortunately.

Half way in my 30 days/30 mandalas challenge!

Day 15: Clover Leaf – Nature Mandala 63.

One day I was walking down the Seventh Street in Ann Arbor, when a little clover leaf got my eye. It was under a tree and everything around it was in shade. Somehow this one leaf was lit up by a ray from the sun. I went home to get my camera, rushed back to take a picture of it before it lost its glow. Ready to shoot I realized I had left my camera battery in the charger. I went back home to get the battery, but this time I was not as lucky. The sun had moved enough to make my little leaf disappear among the other ordinary leaves. The next day I went at the same time to look for the leaf … and there it was lit up as the day before! It was not quite as perfect a speciment as I thought it had been, but it sure made a sweet mandala. Below is the original photo for this nature mandala.