spreading love

Another portal painting … Spreading Love



peace dove #45/117

Peace dove #45/117 is called:

Oh, Mighty Stream of Wisdom,
Please, Stop by on Planet Earth and
Enlighten the Hearts and Minds of Its Leaders                                                                                                       

Blog_Dove_45_117_by_Laila Kujala

healing doves 8-13/117

Peace Dove Is Sending Healing Energy upon All Lands from the Top of a Very High Mountain, 8/117.

The following images are based on the Tibetan Buddhist “healing the elements” practice.
Peace Dove Is Sending Yellow Light to Heal the Earth Element, 9/117

Peace Dove Is Sending White Light to Heal the Water Element, 10/117

Peace Dove Is Sending Red Light to Heal the Fire Element, 11/117

Peace Dove Is Sending Green Light to Heal the Air Element, 12/117

Peace Dove Is Sending Blue Light to Heal the Space Element, 13/117

update on peace dove mobile and more

I am still working on my Peace Dove Mobile (Tribute to the Boston Marathon 2013 #6/117). I will post a picture of the final work when it is finished. Here is a glimpse of how it will look.
Meanwhile I have been working on some other dove images. The following is called Peace Dove (#5/117). It is a tiny, 3″x 3″, enchaustic painting.
#7/117 is also an enchaustic painting. I named it Peace Dove Is Sending Healing Energy upon All Lands from the Top of Mount Everest (12″x 9″.)