Show at the Common Cup Coffee Shop

Another show is up, this time at the Common Cup Coffee Shop on Washtenaw. The opening will be on Thursday July 14th at 6pm. There are four large magnetic boards to play with my magnetic nature letters, the two lower ones are at children’s height – a child friendly art show opening! The show will run through August 29th.

Half way in my 30 days/30 mandalas challenge!

Day 15: Clover Leaf – Nature Mandala 63.

One day I was walking down the Seventh Street in Ann Arbor, when a little clover leaf got my eye. It was under a tree and everything around it was in shade. Somehow this one leaf was lit up by a ray from the sun. I went home to get my camera, rushed back to take a picture of it before it lost its glow. Ready to shoot I realized I had left my camera battery in the charger. I went back home to get the battery, but this time I was not as lucky. The sun had moved enough to make my little leaf disappear among the other ordinary leaves. The next day I went at the same time to look for the leaf … and there it was lit up as the day before! It was not quite as perfect a speciment as I thought it had been, but it sure made a sweet mandala. Below is the original photo for this nature mandala.