healing doves 8-13/117

Peace Dove Is Sending Healing Energy upon All Lands from the Top of a Very High Mountain, 8/117.

The following images are based on the Tibetan Buddhist “healing the elements” practice.
Peace Dove Is Sending Yellow Light to Heal the Earth Element, 9/117

Peace Dove Is Sending White Light to Heal the Water Element, 10/117

Peace Dove Is Sending Red Light to Heal the Fire Element, 11/117

Peace Dove Is Sending Green Light to Heal the Air Element, 12/117

Peace Dove Is Sending Blue Light to Heal the Space Element, 13/117

update on peace dove mobile and more

I am still working on my Peace Dove Mobile (Tribute to the Boston Marathon 2013 #6/117). I will post a picture of the final work when it is finished. Here is a glimpse of how it will look.
Meanwhile I have been working on some other dove images. The following is called Peace Dove (#5/117). It is a tiny, 3″x 3″, enchaustic painting.
#7/117 is also an enchaustic painting. I named it Peace Dove Is Sending Healing Energy upon All Lands from the Top of Mount Everest (12″x 9″.)

Show at the Common Cup Coffee Shop

Another show is up, this time at the Common Cup Coffee Shop on Washtenaw. The opening will be on Thursday July 14th at 6pm. There are four large magnetic boards to play with my magnetic nature letters, the two lower ones are at children’s height – a child friendly art show opening! The show will run through August 29th.