alphabet art

My Nature Alphabets started as a project of inspiration letters. Each day I found a letter in nature and picked an artsy word that started with the letter and quote that went along with it. On the 26th day, I had completed my Nature Alphabet from my images of different plants. Since then, I have created several sets of alphabets based on my photographs. On my trip to Silver Lake Sand Dunes on Lake Michigan, I was fascinated by the designs the wind had made in the sand. Later at home, I found a whole alphabet in the images I had shot and my second alphabet was born – Sand Dune Alphabet. My third alphabet is my Eberwhite Woods Alphabet. I found these letters in the Eberwhite Woods in Ann Arbor, MI. The newest addition to my alphabet family is the Snow Alphabet. It is made from the designs the fresh snow we got over the holidays made.

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